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7 Secret Spots at The Franklin Institute for Epic Instagrams

Einstein wall

One of the latest trends in social media is the Instagram Wall, curiously colored or textured backgrounds are finding a new audience in the popular photo sharing app and we at The Franklin Institute thought it might be helpful to catalog some of the top photo spots within our museum that you can use to wow your friends with your incredible photographic prowess.

1. The Brick Wall

Brick Wall at The Franklin Institute

Where: The Benjamin Franklin National Memorial side of Wisdom Hall, adjacent to the entrance of Your Brain on the museum's 2nd Floor

This well-lit off-white brick wall is one of the oldest walls in our museum. Subtle natural light bleeds in from several directions to this uniquely textured surface that allows for easy contrast in creating distinctive portraiture.

2. The Brain Wall

Brain Wall in 'Your Brain'

Where: Just before the entrance to the Neural Climb in our Your Brain exhibit on the museum's 2nd Floor.

This floor to ceiling photograph of a human brain is great for a ghoulish Halloween shot or just to highlight the abstract texture of your cranium as part of a mind-bending selfie.

3. The Walls of the Pendulum Stairway

Wall in The Franklin Institute's Pendulum Stairway

Where: Between the 1st and 2nd Floors of the museum in the grand Pendulum Stairway.

The Franklin Institute's four-story Foucault's Pendulum has long been one of the most photographed spots in the museum, and alongside your shot from the museum's 3rd Floor down to the basement, consider using the geometric walls as a backdrop to a small group photo or portrait.

4. The Vault Wall

Image of Gymnast in SportsZone

Where: In SportsZone on the museum's 3rd Floor.

SportsZone features many photographs like this one of a gymnast, but this one is my favorite backdrop for a quick photo (and there's a helpful bench right in front of it as well).

5. The Two Way Wall

Two Way Wall at The Franklin Institute

Where: On The Franklin Institute’s 3rd Floor, in the hallway connecting our Sir Isaac’s Loft and SportsZone exhibits.

This giant wall presents a classic optical trick when viewed from either end of the wall it shows to different messages. But, when facing the wall directly, it makes for a pretty nifty backdrop with bold colors, interesting shadows and lots of contrast.

6. The Conservation Mosaic

Conservation Wall at The Franklin Institute

Where: The first floor of the museum adjacent to the museum’s lunchrooms.

Full of rich color and texture as well as iconography of the environmental movement, this mosaic on the first floor of the museum has tons of little details that make for great photos.

7. The Sierpinski Triangle Wall

Sierpinski Triangle Wall at The Franklin Institute

Where: Adjacent to the entrance of Your Brain on the museum's 2nd Floor

The Sierpinski triangle is a special kind of visualization of fractal structures where an equilateral triangles is continuously broken down into smaller triangles of the same size. Outside of our Your Brain exhibit, one of our walls is smartly decorated with an adapted Sierpinski triangle design for your most mathematical portraits.


We hope you enjoy your Instagram tour of The Franklin Institute. Don’t forget to tag us with #FranklinInstitute and @FranklinInstitute.


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June 4, 2018, 03:35pm

Doug Ray

As the former Social Media Manager for The Franklin Institute, Doug was responsible for the development and strategy behind social media outreach and a variety of other digital media activities for one of the most visited museums in the United States.