What is a Science Story?

It’s that moment when you looked into the night sky and realized that bright light was a planet. When you peered through a telescope for the first time. That moment when you dove beneath the waves and touched something with your foot.

When you saw a tadpole and realized it was a baby frog, when you saw a newborn baby, when medicine saved someone you love. When weather destroyed something you care about.

For doctors, scientists, and engineers it’s the moment you knew this was your calling. It was the moment you’ve risked everything for the science you built your life around.  It’s that thing about science and discovery that drives you every day.


6 Places To Tell Your Stories

Digital technology has opened up a whole new world of online and in-person storytelling platforms and projects covering a variety of subjects and implemented through a myriad of mediums and platforms. In addition to The Franklin Institute’s Science Stories, here are some more.

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